In today’s often crowded marketplace it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to stand out. The right loyalty programme can help any business successfully drive growth and value in a competitive marketplace.

Price, product and service are no longer enough. How do you create a point of difference?

At Smart Loyalty we specialise in helping companies craft, implement and operate world-class loyalty programmes. With our expertise, businesses big and small have been able to build lasting, profitable relationships with their customers.

Our loyalty and marketing solutions are trusted by leading Australasian brands for one simple reason: they work.



We will work with you at length to understand your goals, customers, challenges and successes. If a customised ‘white-label’ programme is best-suited for your specific requirements, we can design, build and facilitate every component of your loyalty programme, from strategy and data analytics through to call centre services and reward sourcing. Our team will consult with you to determine if a coalition or customised programme best suits your business.



Coalition programmes work by bringing together a collection of non-competing businesses to reward a common base of SME customers. As customers engage with the programme and obtain rewards, they develop a deep sense of loyalty with participating partner businesses. By joining one of our coalition programmes, you will become part of an offering that includes major suppliers like: Meridian, Mobil, Ford, Caltex, Bunnings, Hirepool, Toyota and Honda. 

LOYALTY Marketing

We can help you reach out to your customers with a mix of marketing services tailored to fit your unique requirements. Our services leverage off the information we capture as your customers use the programme. We will work with you to identify and target profitable customers with personal and relevant communications that achieve real results.  


Our team of marketing specialists can place product or service promotions in front of a targeted list of prospective or existing customers. Whether you have a new product or service you wish to promote, or a stretch target incentive, we can design and facilitate a successful email marketing campaign delivering tangible results.


We also offer a full range of direct marketing services. From mail-drops and flyers to in-store collateral like posters and pamphlets, we can help you get the programme in front of new and existing customers alike. 

BUSINESS Intelligence 

We provide you with a level of unique data intimacy on your customers, enabling you to make informed and measured decisions. Strategies can be formulated based on customer behaviour and segmented marketing will target the right customers with messages that are impactful and achieve cut-through.